Hell Yeah .hack


One of my favorite games for the PS2: .hack//G.U.


Have a Haseo doodle.


honestly the fact that gate hacking has this easy to navigate little menu labeled “GATE HACKING” just makes me laugh a lil like the creators of the game were designing it like


Anonymous whispered:
is the .hack conglomerate/the world r2 storyline any good? like is it as good as the original project .hack or would it just disappoint me?

This is a rather hard question to answer, since everyone’s preferences differ.

I will say, The World R:2 has a different feel from the original, but it is still .hack. Haseo as a character tends to take center stage, whether you’re watching the anime, reading the novels, or playing the games. Part of your enjoyment, therefore, depends a bit on how much you like Haseo.

But the music is great, the visuals have improved (as far as the games are concerned), and overall I rather liked it.

My suggestion would be to try watching a Let’s Play of .hack//G.U., to see if it’s something you’re interested in seeing more of or if it turns out to not be your cup of tea.


Another commission from the weekend!  (Subaru and Tsukasa from .hack//sign)

Artist: http://beyondalgo.tumblr.com/


"I want to restore this world, but I fear I can’t do it alone. Perhaps you could give me a hand?"

I’ve always entertained the thought of drawing Balmung in the Okami style…


Fuck everyone. LiNK was the shit.


((Obligatory BlackRose pictures because they’re relevant. -w- Wendee Lee wanted a picture with me, though, aaahhh! I was a nervous wreck meeting her but I got my copy of Quarantine signed!!))


Free sketch for ladyodsinends of Mistral.

Anyway, this offer is still going on, and its not first come first serve or anything.
I’ll be trying to do all of them.

So if you want a free sketch like this lemme know.
Comment here, reblog, or send an ask.
If its an OC, supply a reference.









I really, really love the orange palettes used in //Roots a lot. 


Coser - R&R

Photo - ODCS Photography

Character - Black Rose (.HACK//)

Event - AnimeExpo 2014