Hell Yeah .hack


Azure Flame Kite - .hack//

As you can see I messed up the last step of coloring cause the ink of the lines suddenly bled out QAQ So the greyscale version looks lots better imo OTL
Forgive me I’m a noob in water colors but I wanted to try. Just to be safe I’m not gonna use water colors anymore for a while lol

Request art for misakiblackheart
Hope you still like it though :

Nerdy Pumpkin Time


So, a few years back I decided to carve a fandom pumpkin, based on the logo for Valkyrie Profile (it’s a poor quality image, but the only one I can find of it at the moment).


Later on, I carved one for .hack//G.U. of Skeith.


I also carved one featuring Velvet and Ingway from Odin Sphere, but can’t find any pictures of that now, and it didn’t turn out too great, anyway. So, this year I have a fresh pumpkin and am wondering what to put on it!

The games I’ve played most this year were Final Fantasy XIII and XIV, but their logos don’t lend themselves easily to carving. I’ve also been enjoying Flight Rising, so maybe a dragon silhouette? An Imperial might look pretty good.


These are literally the best parts of G.U.


not spooky related, I got back from visiting the fam. I really wanted to push myself into starting art and finishing it buuut work tomorrow. such an inspiration killer for me…


Anime Expo 2014.

Alkaid is Misfit Cosplay

Photos by Yiu Ma Photography


Shino from .Hack// but mostly I just wanted to draw the dress.

FUNimation to Release .Hack Anime Series’ in 2015


FUNimation to Release .Hack Anime Series’ in 2015


News today from the New York Comic-Con 2014 is that FUNimation, one of the major distributors of English dubbed anime in the West, has revealed tentative release dates for .Hack//SIGN, .Hack//Legend of the Twilight, .Hack//Roots, and the CGI movie .Hack//G.U. Trilogy. This news comes after several years since FUNimation licensed and distributed the English dub of .Hack//Quantum, a three-part OVA…

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TRACK NAME: A Stray Child
ALBUM TITLE: .hack//Sign
ARTIST: Yuki Kajiura


Show - .hack//Sign

Song - A Stray Child

Artist - Yuki Kajiura

TRACK NAME: Everything In These Hands
ALBUM TITLE: .hack//G.U. GAME MUSIC O.S.T. (Disc 2)
ARTIST: Chikayo Fukuda


Just some .hacker scribbles


I’m working on getting Haseo’s Xth form down. Could Zelkova have come up with a more complicated and detailed job extension? Not that I’m complaining…xD It’s a pretty rad design